Uw, 1,3 to 0,97 W/m².K     //     Tlw, 66% to 59%     //     Central mass, 106mm

The 70mm ALU range is the small range, already with great qualities.

Its aluminum fixed frame with remoted faceplate is a must in the thermal break. It is composed of an inner PVC face with an insulating chamber for the thermal break from outside.

The hidden opening frame is 100% PVC to make optimum thermal performance. This solution also makes the maximum glass area and amplified by the low positioning of the faceplate.
The strengthening of the opening frame PVC profile is identical to a standard profile range, and therefore does not lose stiffness.

LIGHT-DESIGN 70mm range is a product with a very contemporary and minimalist design. The Aluminium exterior finish slightly arched makes the product very qualitative, durable and easy maintenance.
The insulation with 3 joints and the important clear glazing are its strengths, even in a renovation solution (for old buildings).

Below the main features of the range :