Uw, 1,1 to 0,82 W/m².K     //     Tlw, 66% to 59%     //     Central mass, 106mm

The 80mm ALU range is an evolution of the 70mm range, it borrows all profiles of the opening frame.

His fixed frame is in PVC and also with remoted faceplate. The fact that it is 100% PVC-piece further enhances thermal performance. The Uw coefficient is 0,83 W / m².K, it almost reaches the German PASSIVHAUS landing. A superior performance in triple glazing manufacture would achieve this exceptional level.

This range offers an optional aluminum shell by clipping. The product quality is then exceptionnal on the inside and outside.

The hidden opening frame is identical to the 70mm range, which optimizes the number of production tools. Its composition is 100% PVC for a very high thermal comfort.

FULL LIGHT-80mm range is the best compromise when you want a high glass surface, a high thermal performance and a low manufacturing cost (for higher sales).

The outside shell is minimalist and enables us to offer different color ranges to customers at lower cost.
Its thermal coefficient, its insulation with 3 joints and its important clear glazing are its strengths.

Below the main features of the range :