Uw, 1,1 to 0,70 W/m².K     //     Tlw, 66% to 59%     //     Central mass, 129mm

The thermal coefficient of PVC profiles is the most powerful of the market: 0,72 W / m².K certified CSTB.

PVC 90mm range is the most advanced line. It offers the best in terms of compromise.

The fixed frame PVC has a superior width and height than previous ranges. It is also with remoted faceplate who gives the luxury of having no loss of glass area and minimize thermal losses. 6 chambers and 3 insulation joints ensure exceptional performance above all other suppliers of competing ranges.
In the comparative section, you can find all the data.

The hidden opening frame 100% PVC is of average mass to incorporate a simple lever (follower 7.5mm) or drive-gear door (follower 35mm). This device has the advantage of reducing wastes during extrusion and machining. The time settings and tool changes are removed during the soldering frames. This opening frame has a slightly higher mass compared with the 2 others ranges. But this profile is economical in production (saving time and material) and goes up to cancel the extra cost of the extruded profile.
This PVC profile has an bigger chamber than the average ranges and it can incorporate steel reinforcement.

Innovation on this product : The ventilation mortise is an indirect flow system. Through this innovative system, the outside air flows through the inner chambers of the opening frame and thus heated during its entry into the room and external noise is also filtered :

FULL-THERM 90mm range is a product with exceptional thermal performance, unmatched. Its hidden opening frame and outer shell ALUMINIUM makes it very contemporary.
This product meets the most demanding requirements of the extruder, the assembler, the installer and the customer.

Product is GREEN and 100% recyclable. The profiles are unleaded and free of foam or other products within.

GREEN because the mass of material is lower by 5 to 10% compared to a competing range 80mm.

Below the main features of the range :