Passive House Joinery
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PVC and ALUMINIUM windows

THE REAL WINDOW No. 1, offering the best compromise : light, isolation, durability, design and cost.

EPMi design office developed for PVC extruders an innovative and unique offering for passive windows.

Its unique design method has had the sole objective of satisfying the manufacturer, the installer and the end customer.

Unique, because the 1st objective was to obtain a maximum glass area in situation of pose.
Unique, because the 2nd objective was to have a window with a thermal insulation who satisfies the requirements for a passive house.
Unique, because the 3rd objective was to optimize the number of profiles.
Unique, because the 4th objective was to adapt to different types of installation : french (over the wall), renovation (inside old frame) and total deposit.
Unique, because the 5th objective was to decline the range 90mm into a 80mm and a 70mm range, while maintaining equivalent performance.
Unique, because the 6th objective was to have a mixed PVC joinery with ALU finishing outside.
Unique, because the 7th objective was that our ranges are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Unique, because the last objective was that customers are proud to have in their walls a joinery design, light, insulating, reliable and with low cost.

Unique, because these 3 joinery ranges have no equivalent on the market.

Our ranges are 100% recyclable. All profiles are free from foam or other products within.

EPMi design office will be able to provide comprehensive technical documentation of all profiles and injected parts necessary for the implementation of production tools.

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Updated 2016/02/26

Picture total deposit 70 Picture monobloc 80 mm, on range 70 mm Picture monobloc 80 mm, on range 80 mm Picture monobloc 80 mm, on range 90 mm Picture monobloc 120 mm, on range 70 mm Picture central mass with 2 leafs, on range 70 mm and 80mm Picture central mass with 2 leafs, on range 90 mm Picture thermal performance, 90 mm range

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